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Created page with '==This subdomain is reserved for the creation of a Wikibooks in '''Limburgs''' language== * Please '''do not start editing''' this n...'
==This subdomain is reserved for the creation of a [[wikimedia:Our projects|Wikibooks]] in '''[[w:en:Limburgs|Limburgs]]''' language==
<small>'''Alle projèkter:''' [[w:li:Veurblaad|Wikipedia]] - [[wikt:li:Wiktionary:Veurblaad|Wiktionair]] - [[q:li:Veurblaad|Wikiquote]] - [[s:li:Veurblaad|Wikibrónne]] - [[Wn/li/Veurblaad|Wikinuujs]]</small>
* Please '''do not start editing''' this new site. This site has a test project on the [[incubator:|Wikimedia Incubator]] (or on the [[betawikiversity:|BetaWikiversity]] or on the [[oldwikisource:|Old Wikisource]]) and it will be imported to here.
* If you would like to help translating the interface to this language, please do not translate here, but go to [[translatewiki:|translatewiki]], a special wiki for translating the interface. That way everyone can use it on every wiki using the [[mw:|same software]].
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* For information about how to edit and for other general help, see [[m:Help:Contents|Help on Wikimedia's Meta-Wiki]] or [[mw:Help:Contents|Help on MediaWiki.org]].
[[m:Requests for new languages/Wikibooks Limburgish|Aanvraog óp meta]]
== Sister projects ==
Dit is 't tesprojèk veur de Limbörgse Wikibeuk.
<span class="plainlinks">
[http://www.wikipedia.org Wikipedia] |
[http://www.wiktionary.org Wiktonary] |
[http://www.wikibooks.org Wikibooks] |
[http://www.wikinews.org Wikinews] |
[http://www.wikiquote.org Wikiquote] |
[http://www.wikisource.org Wikisource]
[http://www.wikiversity.org Wikiversity]
See Wikimedia's [[m:|Meta-Wiki]] for the coordination of these projects.
D'r zeen noe [[Special:Prefixindex|'''{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}''']] artikele verspreid euver versjillende [[Bokelies|beuk]]. Óp dit memènt zitte v'r nag in 'n tesfase. Zónger dien hölp kómme v'r nörges. Help mit en maak mieër artikele!
Weer zeen conditioneel aangenómme! Alles det v'r nag mótte doon is d'n interface aafmaken en veural blieve wirken aan nuuj en ónaafgemaakde beuk.
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Zuuch ouch de analyse van [[User talk:Pathoschild|gebroeker Pathoschild]] '''[[m:Language subcommittee/Status/Wb/li|hie]]'''.
Alle beuk die weer noe höbbe zeen: {{Houfbeuk}}.
[[Category:Behier Wikibeuk]]
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