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<small>'''Alle projèkter:''' [[w:li:Veurblaad|Wikipedia]] - [[wikt:li:Wiktionary:Veurblaad|Wiktionair]] - [[q:li:Veurblaad|Wikiquote]] - [[s:li:Veurblaad|Wikibrónne]] - [[Wn/li/Veurblaad|Wikinuujs]]</small>
==This subdomain is reserved for the creation of a [[wikimedia:Our projects|Wikibooks]] in '''[[w:en:Limburgs|Limburgs]]''' language==
* Please '''do not start editing''' this new site. This site has a test project on the [[incubator:|Wikimedia Incubator]] (or on the [[betawikiversity:|BetaWikiversity]] or on the [[oldwikisource:|Old Wikisource]]) and it will be imported to here.
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* If you would like to help translating the interface to this language, please do not translate here, but go to [[translatewiki:|translatewiki]], a special wiki for translating the interface. That way everyone can use it on every wiki using the [[mw:|same software]].
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[[m:Requests for new languages/Wikibooks Limburgish|Aanvraog óp meta]]
* For information about how to edit and for other general help, see [[m:Help:Contents|Help on Wikimedia's Meta-Wiki]] or [[mw:Help:Contents|Help on]].
Dit is 't tesprojèk veur de Limbörgse Wikibeuk.
== Sister projects ==
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[ Wikipedia] |
[ Wiktonary] |
[ Wikibooks] |
[ Wikinews] |
[ Wikiquote] |
[ Wikisource]
[ Wikiversity]
D'r zeen noe [[Special:Prefixindex|'''{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}}''']] artikele verspreid euver versjillende [[Bokelies|beuk]]. Óp dit memènt zitte v'r nag in 'n tesfase. Zónger dien hölp kómme v'r nörges. Help mit en maak mieër artikele!
See Wikimedia's [[m:|Meta-Wiki]] for the coordination of these projects.
Weer zeen conditioneel aangenómme! Alles det v'r nag mótte doon is d'n interface aafmaken en veural blieve wirken aan nuuj en ónaafgemaakde beuk.
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Zuuch ouch de analyse van [[User talk:Pathoschild|gebroeker Pathoschild]] '''[[m:Language subcommittee/Status/Wb/li|hie]]'''.
Alle beuk die weer noe höbbe zeen: {{Houfbeuk}}.
[[Category:Behier Wikibeuk]]